Employee  Bios

Luke Barski

Motor Vehicle Technician

"I’ve worked for Renault, Toyota and Mitsubishi and there is a real difference at Northgate. We own all the vehicles and all the parts are on site so we just crack on with what needs doing. There is no waiting around for customer authorisation and no pressure to hit sales targets."

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Tony Chapman


"It’s the people I work with, an absolutely great bunch of drivers, we’re as different as chalk and cheese but in the end we get on extremely well and due to the nature of the role, we’re always working in different combinations."

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Aimee Jones

Customer Service Agent

"I get along with everybody I work with and I have a great relationship with my manager. If I have any problems I can go to her. Also you can pick up the phone to anyone in Northgate if you have a problem or you’re stuck. There are so many people you can speak to for help."

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Jack Johnston

Telesales Executive

"It’s a really good place to work at at the moment, I love it, because you come in and it doesn’t feel like you’re at work, because not only are you having rapport with your customers, you’re also having it with your colleagues."

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James Maden

Head of Sales

"The thing that really appeals to me about Northgate and the reason I joined in the first place is that it's an established FTSE 250 organisation and it's given not only myself, but the rest of the team here the opportunity to get things done and make a real difference in a short space of time"

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Eva Armit

Customer Service Manager

"Although Northgate is a large organisation it has that small company family feel about the place and the people you work with become your friends"

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Spencer Davi

Area Sales Manager

"The work environment is really good for me and my team, we just try and keep it fun and energetic - we spend 40 plus hours a week at work plus any potential extra hours in the evening - if you’re not enjoying it, it's not going to be a nice place to work so you have to make sure it is fun and energetic."

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Kelly Pickett

Strategic Account Manager

"What I love most about my job is the fact that there is no typical day or week, I could be anywhere across the country. I could be sat in front of a procurement director one day and then in a Portakabin with a construction manager the next; I really like the diversity. You have to know how to adapt and almost become a bit of a social chameleon."

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Stewart Corrall

Business Development Manager

"I enjoy working with different types of people, both in terms of the customers I deal with, as well as the people within the Northgate team. I also really enjoy the autonomy that Northgate offer, you really have the ability to crack on with the job and do well."

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Richard Ansah

New Business Manager

"The best thing about Northgate as a business has to be the people - everyone is very honest so you always know where you stand. If you like to be challenged, you like competition, you like to network with people, this is definitely a good place for you."

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Daniel Evans - Yard Controller

Yard Controller

"As long as you are active and have a level mind you could be a good Yard Controller. I can see myself being here for a long time. Van Monster is a great place to work; it’s a fantastic employer and you get treated equally and fairly."

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Steve Hanna

Territory Manager

"As a Territory Manager you need to have a real passion for people, because you spend the majority of your time in and around developing, nurturing and working with your teams, and all in all be approachable by everyone."

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Adam Gilroy

L&D Business Partner

"We’ve got a fantastic team with a lot of different skill sets and they’ve been really open and happy to share those skills with me as well."

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Ben Curtis-Haigh

IT 1st line support analyst

"We all have a laugh but as soon as a call comes in you switch from having a laugh to straight away taking the call and all your focus is on that person and trying to fix the issue."

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Alex Patterson

Category Manager

"I really enjoy working at Northgate because it really pushes me as a person and I think it’s going to be great development for me and my career and can take me to where I want to be."

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Craig Tupling

Rental Manager

"I have now worked for Northgate for 16 years and have loved every minute of it. They will invest in your own personal development and there’s plenty of opportunities for internal promotion."

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Vivian Ray

Purchase Ledger Clark

"I really love working here, I can’t think of any other job that I would want or any other place I would want to work and I would like to see my working life out here at Northgate. "

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Dick Chapman

Area Asset Manager

"You have to have your finger on the pulse, you have to know what’s coming in and what’s going out because the back end is where the asset team gets very very involved in selling the vehicles at the back end, making sure we get the maximum price for every vehicle."

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Martin Fairlamb

Credit Controller

"I’ve worked in many organisations doing credit control and this is by far the most rewarding and enjoyable job I’ve had for a very long time."

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Michael Grainger

IT Support Team Leader

"I absolutely love working for Northgate and hope to see myself here for many many years to come."

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