Career and Development

“The people here are really good at recognising talent and nurturing it. I’ve had five roles in my nine years with Northgate and although these moves weren’t always the ones I thought I’d take they always progressed my skills and interests. Working hard, and working well, is noticed here and that makes a real difference.”

At Northgate we are proud of the development opportunities that we offer our people and we are continually looking to develop our team members as our business grows.

Our senior leadership team wants to inspire everyone in the business to learn, have the right skills and to have a career in the business – if our teams are doing well then so do we!!

Everyone who works for Northgate is responsible for driving their careers forward. You need to be committed to your own learning and making the most of every opportunity. Whatever your role, wherever your ambition lies there are opportunities for you and we will be here to help and support you along the way – you are in the driving seat to go at your own speed…

There are many ways to learn - through others whilst at work, by creating your own learning opportunities or through training and development programmes. Whatever way you choose to learn we’ll encourage you to make the most of the opportunity.

How does Northgate do this?


We actively encourage promotion from within and work hard at creating opportunities. All our vacancies are advertised internally and can be accessed by visiting our internal careers site. We regularly review our teams identifying specialist skills and talent and those that have the potential and the desire to develop their careers within Northgate.

Career development for us is not all about moving up a ‘ladder’. Many of our people develop their careers by moving around Northgate either into a different branch/workshop or into another area of the business. There is no shortage of career options and if you are mobile and flexible about where you work in the UK then there will many more opportunities open to you.

Your manager is there to provide support and guidance which they will do through annual reviews, agreeing a personal development plan with you and helping you to identify opportunities and projects across the business.

Talent and Learning

When you join Northgate, our aim is to give you the best possible induction experience. This will equip you with the knowledge and skills which, going forward, will boost your confidence as you begin your career without our business.

As a member of our Operations team, we want to continuously maximise your performance, using varied learning channels and bespoke solutions that focus on on-going assessment of capability linked to "Operating the Northgate Way", providing interventions to support every learning and development need.

Virtual Learning Programme

  • E-Learning tool for operations staff to access. Some are mandatory courses that have to be completed within your probationary period. Other operational modules can be completed at pace that the learner finds comfortable.

Rental Induction

  • This course is aimed at providing rental staff with a full and in depth insight into the fundamental processes and procedures relating to a Northgate hire-desk role. The course focuses on rental staff understanding all aspects of their role including daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities, task and duties and the systems that involved. 

Workshop Induction

  • This course is aimed at providing workshop staff with a full and in depth insight into the fundamental processes and procedures relating to a Northgate workshop role. The course focuses on workshop staff understanding all aspects of their role including responsibilities, day-to-day tasks and duties.

Driver Induction

  • This course is aimed at providing our Customer Delivery Agent's with a full and in depth insight into the fundamental processes and procedures relating to their role. The course focuses on Customer Service, our Rentable Standards, our check out and check-in procedures plus aspects of safe driving and Duty of Care.

Added to the above Operation Induction courses, we have a suite of other training to facilitate your ongoing development.

For our Motor Vehicle Technicians, there is a specific Technical and Product Training on the different manufactures we purchase our vehicles from, as well as managing safety in the workplace and on the road.

The Northgate Sales Academy includes a wide range of learning for our sales team including practical selling skills, the CRM system, product knowledge and self-insight. 

The Northgate Leadership & Management Academy courses, designed to give you the tools to develop and enhance leadership skills and behaviours.

HR and People Management Training supports our Managers to improve their knowledge and skills around a host of people related situations, including communication and recruitment.