Eva Armit

Customer Service Manager

Name: Eva Armit

Role: Damage Administration Team Manager

Joined Northgate: 2013

Location: Darlington

"Although Northgate is a large organisation it has that small company family feel about the place and the people you work with become your friends"

Describe your typical day: Day to day I organise the workload for the team, have a walk around the team and just advise them, what’s the focus for today, where’s the pinch point, what’s happening down the pipeline. After that I do a lot of exceptions handling so I get a lot of emails from people out in the field asking, ‘what do I do with this claim?’ so a lot of it is guidance and advice, not just to my immediate team but to the wider team out in the field as well. Just after lunch, I walk around the team, have some one-to-one time, I’ll talk to them if they need it and if not, that’s great, I just leave them to carry on with their day to day role.

What does your team do? The team is responsible for processing damage claim packs so every time a vehicle has damage on it and it’s identified, the depots will load up a claim onto our systems, we then collect the information, have an estimate, we have an in house engineer who validates the estimates. My team then takes the estimate with the supporting documentation, they put the claim pack together on an email and send it out to the customer. After we’ve sent the claim pack out, their role is to pick up the phone and chase the customers for purchase numbers so we can get the claim to the point of invoice. We need people with good administrative skills as 50% of the role is administration, putting the claim packs together and a high attention to detail. On the side of that, it’s good call handling skills, being able to pick up the phone and talk to someone who may be not as happy as somebody down the pub for example, because we’ve just sent them an estimate and may be asking for £2,500 from somebody that they haven’t budgeted for, so it’s quite an emotive subject.

What’s the working environment like? We’re quite a friendly team, if people are doing what they should be doing then I’m not on their back all the time, if their putting their output out, we have KPIs to make sure everyone’s hitting their target. We have a target in place that everyone’s aware of and they have a monthly one-to-one sit down with myself so they know where they’re at. I would say everyone on the team helps each other out with a team culture. I would say that, working at Northgate, no two days are ever the same, it’s an enjoyable place to work. Everybody’s friendly, even though it’s a big company, it’s got that small company family feel about it and the people that you work with become your friends.