You've always tried your best to stand out and make your mark. Be a bit different. But now that it's
time to start your career, it doesn't mean this has to stop.
That's why you should be talking to us at Northgate. We are, quite simply, unique.
A leading supplier of software applications and outsourcing solutions to the public sector, HR and
corporate markets, we offer a range of market leading services and solutions that you�ll be hard
pressed to find anywhere else. That's right. There's no other company quite like us.
And with such diverse clients, the range of experiences you'll encounter will be unparalleled.
The same is true for our Graduate Management Scheme. It�s not just training: it's development, mentoring
and can even lead to sponsorship for professional qualifications.
Ideally, but not essentially, an IT or Business Studies graduate, you'll be able to demonstrate your own
unique skills. Think you can do this? Then make a distinctive statement about your future.
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