The Programme

10 Graduates will be chosen, to start in September, and enter into our highly structured, 18-month fast track programme.

At the start, you'll experience a two-day, high-intensity induction aimed at introducing the Company and its key players. It will also discuss building the graduate team, explaining the scheme and will strive to align your expectations and set your goals.

Your Mentors will then be assigned and these will be proven senior managers from within our business. The aim is then deceptively simple: each graduate will undertake three, six-month placements, each carrying immediate responsibility.

Along the way, you'll receive six review/goal setting meetings throughout the 18 months, together with four planned training and development sessions. Where appropriate, you'll also receive sponsorship for professional qualifications.

Finally, the scheme will culminate in a presentation of a company project which you'll deliver after a three-month research & investigation assignment.

Yes, it is intense, challenging and extremely comprehensive. But this is what you'll have to do to become one of the best managers in our proactive business.